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For eleven rounds of voting, many brave Representatives had firmly held the line against politics as usual. Kevin McCarthy is corrupt and one of the faces of the swamp. The American people don't want him. 

For eleven rounds, many brave Representatives have offered alternatives to McCarthy, from Andy Biggs and Jim Jordan to Kevin Hern and Byron Donalds. There have been many compromises offered to allow McCarthy to step away with dignity. 

But it's McCarthy's turn, right?

Since you refuse to compromise and elect a Speaker that isn't synonymous with government corruption, we believe the dissenters should refuse to compromise until you elect #SpeakerTrump.

President Trump has indicated that he will take the job if offered. He has been nominated and voted for multiple times. America has never been has free, prosperous, and secure as it was when Donald J. Trump was President. We the people want him in the Presidency, but third in line for the Presidency is a compromise we will accept. 

The leadership of our nation is not about whose turn it is. It's about the will of the people. 

According to the NY Times Siena College Poll, 68% of nation believes that government corruption is the biggest problem we face. We are seeing Republicans stand on "it's his turn" rather than working to find an acceptable Speaker. It's government corruption on display.

We will not get to the truth about Spygate, the Biden Laptop, the J6 Committee Fraud, FTX and political moneylaundering, and all the other government sponsored crimes with more of the same leadership.

The people want change.